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Aboud Jardaneh is the co-founder of SpotAngels. Launched in 2015, SpotAngels is celebrated as the best and free parking mobile application in the US, even called Waze for Parking. 
The application is available in 50 cities and supported by a large community of users and partners including parking operators and car manufacturers. The startup has secured a total funding of 4.4 millions Dollars
Aboud embarked in 2014 on this journey to build the technology that would help US drivers easily find a parking spot and thus save them from parking pain and tickets
Aboud’s entrepreneurial drive was first triggered after a few years of working as an engineer when he realized that he wanted to work for himself 
Searching for learning opportunities, he managed to land a job in San Francisco. He soonly joined Hamza Ouazzani Chadi in starting Sweetch, an entrepreneurial project in Berkley designed to fix the parking problem. 
It was perfect timing for Aboud  “ If you start something let’s do it  together ! ” 
Due to legal challenges raised by the city of san francisco, the founders had to pivot to the new idea of Vatler, an on demand valet service. The cofounders managed to get into the Y combinator program, a key milestone with a deep hands-on experience and learning of how you can build something from scratch without the technology behind, while relying on a lot of field work and talking to users. 
 » No one will bring you new ideas, you just need to execute on them !  « 
Looking back at the challenges faced, Aboud recognises that the key to stay focused was to continuously keep close touch with the problem to solve, knowing that it hasn’t been solved yet !
He shares the story of how their car has been towed and they had to pay 600 dollars to get it back. SpotAngels was therefore created to help people find a parking spot, providing spots location and useful information that were not digitally available before.
The startup engaged in the journey of mapping the parking spots starting with the big dense cities in the US. It relies on an engineering hub build in Morocco to support in the data collection and image mapping 
As a Mobile first consumer app, SpotAngels is on the user’s engagement and growth path, empowering its community with crowdsoucing features, to help provide updated information of images and regulatory rules
Aboud shares his insights about the startup journey and three useful references :